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Essential Question You Must Ask Your Contractor Before Fence Installation

Fence Contrator

Fence Contrator

So you have bought your fence and are contemplating hiring a fence contractor? This step in the fence installation process is very delicate. You must be very careful because if you should choose a terrible contractor, then your fence installation will grind to a halt and ultimately never happen. There have been countless horror stories of fence contractors from hell that make every step an agonizing one.


All of the problems that come with terrible contractors can be avoided if only you had paid attention during the vetting process.


This article explores the critical questions that you must ask a fence contractor that you are considering hiring for your property. If you are in the market for a good contractor for Houston fencing contractor you must interview many fence companies for new fence or fence repair in Houston.


Do they have insurance?


All professional businesses must have an insurance cover. If you find that the fence contractor is skittish about giving you information on whether or not they have a cover, they most probably don’t. As a discerning customer, you should avoid hiring a fence contractor that doesn’t have any cover. It is very risky and more often than not trouble is only a heartbeat away.


When you are vetting the company that you intend to work with, you must ask if they have a current policy and what they cover in the policy.


Do they have a permanent residence?


Aside from having insurance for their customers, another mark of a professional business is that they have a permanent address. This means that you can trace them rather easily and hold them to account should they botch your job.


Inasmuch as flyby contractors offer attractive cost options, it is vital that you stick to a contractor that you can trace easily.


Do they have any references?


Sometimes, you might not know what there is to know about a particular firm from their website. If you want a testament to the quality of work that they do, you need to ask for their references. When references are provided to you, you must take it upon yourself to find out whether or not they are the genuine article. In addition to the reference, you must also ask for proof of past works done so that you can gauge whether or not a particular company is worth hiring or not.


Do they have guarantees for works they do?


The mark of any good contractor is the capability to stand by the quality of their product. You will find that some of the flyby contractors won’t have a guarantee for their quality of work and thus cannot be held to account. More often than not they end up doing shoddy work. That is why you should always go for experienced and professional fence contractors to handle the fence installation. They offer guarantees and warranties because they know already that their work is immaculate and can stand the test of time.