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Factors One Must Consider Before Picking Wood Fence In Houston, TX

Factors One Must Consider Before Picking Wood Fence In Houston, TX

Consider the purpose of your fence



The first step every home owner who wants to install a fence should do is identifying what role the fence will play. How will the fence help you? All fences, short or tall, large or small serve at least on purpose. You have to know why you need a fence in the first place. Is your pet constantly disappearing or your children wandering around the neighborhood? Do you want privacy, or you want to prevent your neighbors from using your swimming pool, or maybe you just want to add style to your yard. Fences are available in three main styles privacy, semi-privacy or decorative.

Choose a suitable style for your fence

Just as fences serve different purposes, there are numerous fence styles one can utilize. The style of your fence is dependent on the role of the fence. Typically, privacy fences are made from solid panel. For it to offer privacy, they are often very tall above or at an eye level. They are most found in urban or suburban areas. Semi privacy fences are short but also made of solid panels. Decorative fences comprises of pickets that mainly prevent both pets and kids from wandering. Home owners also plant natural fences for example a hedge bush. They are tall and offer more privacy. They also absorb sound better.

Choose the fencing material

Two decades ago, the fencing material was very limited to mainly wood. However there are several other materials that can be used in fencing like iron, steel, aluminum, vinyl etc. they have different properties that serve a wide range of purposes. For the best wall in Housten, TX look go here. Wood is more traditional and affordable, although the maintenance cost can be very high because it’s easily perishable. Vinyl contains polyvinyl chloride which prevents any rotting or fading, it is also maintenance free and has incredible durability. Metal fences also have little to no maintenance. They are also very durable and strong though they can be expensive.

Panel or component

Home owners should also consider if they want either a component fence or a panel fence. The component fences are mainly made out of wood. They are also built on the site by installing one piece a time.  This process can take slightly longer and is very tiring. However is preferred by many because it will follow the lay of your property easily. Panel fences are mainly pre-constructed. Metals and vinyl fences are commonly available only in this form.


If you are on a budget, then you must consider the size of your yard, the material to be used, the style you want installed and the height of the fence. The larger or bigger any of these factors will is, the larger the amount of money to be used.

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